Growth Mechanics is a media products company focused on the topics of leadership, entrepreneurship and decision-making by business leaders, across sectors. We’re focused on creating a collection of media products with a deep focus on various sectors including technology, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, financial services & banking, retail and FMCG, energy & power, education, food & agriculture and luxury.

We currently own two media products – The Smart CEO, a sector-agnostic digital + print platform where CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders share unique perspectives and experiences.

We also run www.startup50.in, an events + digital platform to award and recognize India’s top startups. Over the next one year, we’ll have a collection of media properties across YouTube, Digital, Mobile, Events and Print.

We recently launched our new digital platform www.SmartCEO.co. The new SmartCEO.co will be designed as a collection of Content Channels, featuring global entrepreneurial stories from 25 startup ecosystems from around the world. 

This new digital platform will have the following features: 


The new digital platform is designed as a collection of channels. Each channel will be deeply focused on a targeted professional community.

For example, SmartCEO Healthcare will deliver insights, stories and ideas for professionals and entrepreneurs interested in this space. This will allow us to build an audience network, defined by sector. 

Another example of a SmartCEO-owned channel will be SmartCEO Startup50, a channel defined by stage of a company, rather than sector. 


A key part of our strategy is to help our client companies build their own media properties and in the process build a wonderful corporate brand using Content. Think whitepapers, case-studies, content created through internal expertise and so on. A company’s CEO can also setup a dedicated channel for thought leadership. These channels can be setup by the client directly on our platform, or we could bring in our services team to help our clients setup channels. This is almost like a company’s LinkedIn Page, but with two key differences – a sector-specific audience network of business leaders  and offering assistance in content creation.


If it ain't broke don't fix it. (4).png


We’re building a data-powered automation engine, to automatically craft stories from multiple inputs. This proprietary algorithm will be a key differentiator to our whole offering.

Our automation technology will enable us to create more content, better quality content, and allow us to experiment with all sorts of content formats. 

Other key features for our users include Channel-based Follow, Personalised Content, Automated Books and Story Collections.